Graduation Speech : My Senior Year Essay

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Even before my high school years began, I was always told to enjoy my senior year to the fullest. I remember being told that it would fly by before my eyes, and I would always think to myself, "They are really exaggerating, I am sure my senior year will feel like a century has passed before it 's over". I would walk the halls of my school as a freshman looking up to the seniors, they seemed very grown and mature. I couldn 't wait until I was in their position. I had always dreamed that my senior year was going to be the most exciting and memorable year of my high school career. That year was filled with many "first last" days of school, pep-rallies, class meetings, and of course Friday night football games. At the end of it, I can say that my dream did come true, my senior year became my most memorable year. From the good to the bad, I was able to complete my last year of high school. I still remember being a freshman and thinking that my senior year was so far away. Forward 4 years later, and there I was, standing at my high school graduation.
My last week of school was very awaited and joyous. I was extremely excited to graduate. I was finally done with this school, don 't get me wrong, I loved the school I attended, but my “senioritis” was on full blast and I was done with the school. I was eager for summer to start, I wanted to create new memories. All I thought about was the fact that I wouldn 't have to wake up early, I wouldn 't have any more homework, and to be…

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