Graduation Speech : My Goals Essay

1377 Words Dec 16th, 2016 6 Pages
When I first came to UNC Charlotte, I had a vague vision drawn out in my mind and, it was one that I knew needed to be cleared and straightened out. I knew my end goal, what it consisted of, and that it was where I wanted to be, but I didn’t have an actual plan mapped out yet. This semester has changed and taught me in ways. I’ve managed to prove myself how well I could balance college and, I’ve seized opportunities I never thought I would. Looking back, I can see all my accomplishments, mistakes, and I’ve analyzed those mistakes to learn how to tackle my challenges that remain. After learning what my top 5 signature themes were, I started to analyze the way I acted more closely. It turned out that my represented me in ways I never quite realized until I thought about it. At the beginning of the semester, there were a couple of conflicts between students within our learning community that helped me realize the way I use a few of my talents. One of the conflicts was between two of my suitemates and, the other one involved several students in the community. Being that I am almost never one to be a part of the conflict, I found myself observing each of them so I could develop my own opinions and solutions. Then, when I sat down with my peers during their discussions, I could provide them with honest, and developed opinions without offending anybody or causing any further commotion. My input didn’t resolve any of these conflicts immediately but, it helped move things in a…

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