Graduation Speech : Lincoln Land Community College Essay

790 Words Apr 6th, 2016 4 Pages
1. Introduction
When I wrote my introduction in my first sentence I utilized the strategy of asking a question and I also provided a fact about the number of Lincoln Land Community College professors. I opened with, “Are you aware that Lincoln Land community college employs 124 full-time teaching faculty and 226 part-time instructors? “ I felt like out of all the strategies this was the most effective one I used because it’s a fact provided by the college, and it is surprising information supporting my point of why students need help in choosing. From there I went on and provided my own opinion on how stressful it can make college when picking an instructor. My opinion was “Having so many choices makes for a difficult decision on the students’ part. It’s hard to pick a professor with whom you’ve never met, or at best know very little about.” After giving my opinion on how hard it can be to pick professors I moved into the solution of utilizing Rate My Professor and provided background information on their website. I provided information such as how it is used by former students to aid newer students in making the most educated assumption on what professor will fulfill the individual needs of each student. To lead to my thesis I explain the importance of my topic, and gave my recommendation to use the website before enrolling into classes. My explicit thesis was as follows, “Utilizing the free services provided by Rate My Professor is a great tool in aiding students to make…

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