Graduation Speech : High School Essay

1263 Words Apr 8th, 2016 null Page
Have you ever put much thought into what it takes to graduate high school? All the classes and more classes that they just keep throwing at you. Your first year of high school you think it’s going to be a breeze, you get all your stupid electives that you need to have for graduation out of the way, but then the next year their throwing new computer, physical education or even health classes at you. More things to add to the list of classes to not only finish but pass. Yes, pass you can’t just take those classes and fail them you have to pass them to graduate or guess what, you get to take them over and over again until you do pass them. Now, guess what? There also trying to throw out of school “classes” that you need for graduation, like community service. Community service is one of those activities that is outside of school and normally on weekends, but if you got to pick your type of service. Would that make it better? There’s thousands of choices that you could pick from to get your community service hours in, like hanging out with the senior citizens, picking up parks, cleaning an older person 's house, highway cleanup, send care packages or even raise money to help someone in need. The way I would spend getting my community service hours would be hanging around the senior citizens.

The first reason I would earn my hours with the senior citizens is because they tell great stories. You could spend hours upon hours down at the senior center listening to all…

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