Essay about Graduation Speech : High School

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It was the day that every senior go through. This moment was unbelievable to me. I never pictured myself graduating high school. I though that high school was going to be forever, but that’s not the case. Everyone goes through it, but this was my moment.
I was dress up in a pink dress with one layer of ruffles below my waist, wearing nude heels and a silver necklace my teacher, Mrs. Helms gave me. It was a circle clear locket that had a graduating cap, my initial and the graduating year. I opened the front door of the school, passed by the office door and turn right to Mrs. Helm’s room. I saw my green cap and gown and Mrs. Helms gave it to me. She was our sponsor. That means her responsibility was the senior class. She was a humble Christian and was older than middle age, but she looks about ten years younger. She always had her hair red and curly but her hair was straight that day. I put the gown on but I was having trouble with the cap. It was hard to put on because it was stiff. This cap wasn’t cooperating with me. I was getting frustrated. I asked Mrs. Helms if she had some bobby pins and she did. I put the bobby pins on the sides of my cap and hair and I look good. When all of my classmates finished getting ready, we stand at the hallway that was near the gym.
Finally the music started and that was our cue to enter. One by one each of us pass by the audience, walk up the stairs to get on stage and we sat down. I was getting nervous because I knew what was coming.…

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