Essay Graduation Speech : High School

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Many people think that college is simply one step above high school, there are several difference between the two, and people should always be prepared for what’s ahead. However, I think there are main differences and then there are differences that aren’t very distinct. These differences include my schedule, my professors and my homework. One of those differences I would like to talk about is my schedule. In my high school, most of my classes are arranged for me, and there are six classes every day. Therefore, I woke up at six o’clock every morning in order to catch my school bus to school. The first period is beginning at 7:20, and after that, there are three more classes before lunch time. After lunch time, I have to go to fourth period and fifth periods before I go home. In college, I arranged my own schedule in consultation with my adviser. College students can be separated into two categories which are part time students and full time students. However, I am a part time student, and I only take three to four classes each semester. My schedule in college is completely different than schedule in high school. I can manage my schedule and choose the most better time for each class, so I do not have to get up early in the morning. Also, I can drive my own car instead to take a school bus to college. Therefore, when I moved on to college, I felt the time in college become more easier and relax than the time in high school. Another difference between my high school and…

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