Graduation Speech : High School Admissions Essay

833 Words Nov 28th, 2016 4 Pages
Starting off the mindset in most students for class to past. My first times taking composition two that was the mindset that I use to approach the class each time. So from the start of the class I had to start with a different method. I think in College Composition II my written work has enhanced much more than in College Composition I. Leaving the class I’m a held accountable to know how to construct a research paper. Writing has always not been my strong suit but I do really try my hardest to improve my writing skills. In the composition II, I had to write up for persuasive research papers where at the end of reading my essay I will have made you agree to my argument. The three essays that I chose to be in my portfolio what Condoms at Virginia State University, Global Warming, and High school Admissions. I felt that these essay can show my improvement over the semester. In the first essay I wrote about condoms being on Virginia state university’s campus. Where I had to demonstrate the ability to persuade a reader to agree with me by writing a persuasive essay. In this essay I feel that I did a good job with constructing a persuasive essay. I gave strong points on why Virginia State should have condoms on campus. I believe you can have at least some sympathy on the condom on campus topic if there was none. Or if you didn’t know how to feel about the subject I persuaded you to agree with my side of the argument. The first essay was a warm up for the next one where you…

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