Essay on Graduation Speech : Graduate College

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Throughout my entire life I had always been taught to stay quiet and listen to everyone around me. Now, it is my turn to tell everyone what it is that I have learned during that time. Since I grew up with a Mexican family it was hard to attend school and transition from knowing my native Spanish tongue to English. I spent most of my time in an English school environment, until I got to high school. In high school I realized how important it was to embrace my native tongue. Not everyone does that, especially during high school, thus influencing my decision to go to college and major in Spanish. My plan is to graduate college, receive a teaching credential to teach high school students not only how to learn the language or improve on it, but to embrace the beautiful language that it is. I had been thinking about majoring in Liberal Studies but, the Modern Languages Department Secretary, Sotelo and Spanish/Italian Professor Bargetto said that I do not have to major in Liberal Studies because it is mostly a focus on kindergarten to sixth grade and not high school. I may major in Spanish and have to pay attention to the required classes for the Spanish major as well as for the required classes for the teaching credential. As of now I am only taking one Spanish class that is equivalent for both the Spanish major and teaching credential program.

Here at CSU Stanislaus the Spanish major is worth twenty-four units. I am currently enrolled in Spanish 2011, that is Spanish…

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