Graduation Speech For English Honors Essay

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Ever since I can remember I have hated writing. Specifically, my hatred towards writing began my second year of high school when I decided to take English honors. The reason why I took English honors was because I knew it would benefit my GPA by giving me an extra point that would pump it up. My reading comprehension skills were good so I thought that by changing from a regular English class into English honors would be a piece of cake so I took a test to see if I had the qualifications to be in that class and I passed, but to my surprise the class was not that easy as I thought it would have been. Moreover, prior to my honors class in sophomore year my freshman English class was more about grammar so we never wrote essays that would prepare us for future writing classes because it was assumed we knew how to write one already, but when I got to English honors writing essays is all we did. I dreaded going to my English honors class every day, because I felt that no matter how hard I tried writing a good paper it was never enough to get me a grade higher than a C. This caused me to feel embarrassed, dumb, and ashamed. While all my friends were getting A’s and B’s I was always stuck with a C, so it was difficult for me to have confidence in my writing. Now I accept my papers were not at the level of the ones of my classmates; my essays contained many grammar errors and I use to summarize my themes instead of analyzing them, along with just being repetitive. This made me feel…

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