Graduation Speech : Cost Of College Essay

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Cost of College
My senior year of high school I was more than ready to be in college. I searched countless universities in the state and visited a select few. Little did I know that I was going to have to have two student loans this year. Without those loans, I would not have been able to start my college career. I consider myself lucky because I did not have to ask my parents to get a parent loan; I was able to get enough money to cover the cost myself. The cost to attend college is at an all-time high and many students are feeling the impact. The cost of college is affected by the amount of money that colleges are spending on luxury items, sports, unneeded facility and an excess of overpaid administration.
Universities want prospective students to be attracted to the luxury items around campus so they will be more likely to attend there. Some universities have rock climbing walls, Olympic sized pools, state of the art gyms and much more. They believe that students will enjoy these excessive amenities. According to Cara Newlon, The University of Iowa has an estimated $53 million campus recreation center, complete with an 18 foot diving well, bubble benches, and lazy river (Newlon). Students shouldn’t be concerned with such things because they should be more focused on the actual reason they are in college; to earn a degree. Having a rock climbing wall available to students is not going to make test scores and grades go up. Having countless water fountains around campus…

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