Graduation Speech : College Or University Essay examples

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I believe I have grown as an academic student with knowledge and new skills from my current trip to Northern California. I have attained skills from multiple college field trips, but mostly in this trip to multiple UC’s and CSU’s. I have learned multiple ideas I could apply in applying to college or in deciding my future career. I believe that it is important to have knowledge and skills for the future considering they can better prepare me for the future and what is to come when I graduate high school. Before I went on this trip, I remained not completely aware of all the elements that I need and the work I will need to be prepared for to choose and apply to a school perfect for me.
One of the things I have learned is how to properly research information about the college or university. My research skills grew through this trip provided by Mrs. Mohr. When I first heard about the trip, I wasn’t so interested because I thought all colleges were the same, but my friends then told me to give it a try and that I might end up liking one of the schools, which did end up happening. One extremely helpful thing I learned was that always try to visit the campus first, before applying because you might get accepted and eventually hate it. I have also learned to always…

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