Graduation Speech : College Education Essays

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Growing-up I was always told of the importance of a college education and how going off to school would be one of the biggest invest of my life. And, although all of the information that was provided to me, made me view college as a necessity I had no interest in entering any higher level educational ream. Now, as I write this paper from my first semester of graduated school you would have never known of my ill feelings towards entering the higher level educational ream. Why would I ever feel that way? Let me tell you why, “It was the way that I was allowed to learn and process information”, that made me fear ever going to college.
Now, fast forwarding to the present time and after reading all of the information relating to the Millennials and the way they learn, I now see that my fears were justified and the higher educational arena seen that changes had to be made to support the Millennial way of learning. Do I fall in the millennial generation? No, I don’t I was actually was born two years before the start of their generation. However, I was young enough to be brought up in the Millennial culture. However, I will combine my knowledge based upon the readings with my personal experience to provide an informative synthesis essay. Wilson; and Nicholas, and Stapleton, Wen, Starrett, Kilburn, offers the validation that is conducive, not only to the Millennial’s learning needs, but my learning needs as well as it relates to the changes in the way higher educational…

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