Graduation Speech : Becoming A Lifelong Student Essay

785 Words Jun 26th, 2015 4 Pages
So, you’re nearly 50 years old and you 're already retired why would you return to school? Formalized education is one of the keys to success at every stage of your life. To be a lifelong student is to remain engaged with the world as it is at that moment. My college career began back in 1985 as a freshman with only one goal in mind: get the degree to make a lot of money! Well, needless to say that alone would not be enough direction and discipline to get me to the finish line. I manage to complete the first two years and after some soul-searching decided to take the next year off and get a job until I figured out what I wanted to do. For the next year, I sold cars at a Pontiac dealership and partied a lot. Soon, I once again began to consider future career prospects, and it also helps that I 'd gotten married, and she wanted to know if I plan to sell cars for the rest of my life! I was still not clear on what I wanted to do so, we moved to another city and I took a job with General Electric in its finance division. The job was not bad, but yet it still was not challenging. About but eight months after taking the job at General Electric, we discovered that we would have a son. This was the change I needed to make me focus on what was important in life. I decided that I would join the Army and become a soldier! Once I completed my initial entry training and technical school, I decided that I love the Army, and it would be my career. It was easy to convince my wife of this…

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