Essay Graduation Speech At The University Dance Theatre

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On Saturday November 22, 2014 I attended the university dance theatre. I have to say if it weren’t mandatory for dance class I would have probably not gone. Personally I have never been interested in dance performances. I love dancing at parties but never thought of dance as a concert I would go too. I am glad I went because it was an experience and as a college student I want to experience new things. To see many talented students in our school was amazing. All the dances were extraordinary but two of them stood out to me Alors on Danse and What it is. The concert was split into to halves and they were both really good. In the first half of the concert I do have to admit I was a little confused. I have learned that when dancers are performing their telling a story. For many of the dances in the first half I wasn’t sure of what exactly the story was. The only one that I really understood was Alors on Danse. It caught my attention because it was like watching a movie clip except they were dancing instead of speaking. This dance was divided into three scenes again it was like watching a film. I actually found my self-wanting to know more about the story behind the dance. Danny Charles choreographed Alors on Danse. Like I mentioned before the dance was divided into three scenes. The first scene started of with a girl lying on the floor spinning a hoop with one of her legs. As the music progressed she got up and did all kinds of tricks with the hoop. While she was doing all…

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