Graduation Experience: My Senior Day In High School

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It was the day that every senior go through. This moment was unbelievable to me. I never pictured myself graduating high school. I though that high school was going to be forever, but that’s not the case. Everyone goes through it, but this was my moment.
I was dress up in a pink dress with one layer of ruffles below my waist, wearing nude heels and a silver necklace my teacher, Mrs. Helms gave me. It was a circle clear locket that had a graduating cap, my initial and the graduating year. I opened the front door of the school, passed by the office door and turn right to Mrs. Helm’s room. I saw my green cap and gown and Mrs. Helms gave it to me. She was our sponsor. That means her responsibility was the senior class. She was a humble Christian
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One by one each of us pass by the audience, walk up the stairs to get on stage and we sat down. I was getting nervous because I knew what was coming. Each of us had a part in the ceremony to speak. Being on stage seated with our whole senior class, was nervous enough, but having to speak during graduation in front of the many family members made my stomach in knots. I was up next and this was my time to shine. I get up and walk toward the microphone. My heart bound hard and fast. I was going to be presenting a video that I directed and edited with some help of my friends, classmates and teachers. This video was about our senior class. It represented who we were as a whole. The first word that comes out of my mouth was “ Good Moring Everyone. ” The audience relied, “ Good Moring! ” I was a bit shock to hear a reply, but that didn’t stop me. I took a deep breath in and out and said, “ My name is Yeina Melendez and I 'm sure you will enjoy this video that is about to come out. I worked very hard on this and I couldn 't do it without the help of my classmates. I want to thank them and also to Miss Alamilla (she was my art and design teacher) who gave me positive feedback and the supplies to do this video. You will see that there are key words that describe each of us. I hope everyone will enjoy it.” I was glad that was over for me. I went back to my seat and saw the video. When the video was over everyone clapped. I …show more content…
When they called my name I got up to receive a award in Social Studies and Graphic Design. I stand in front of the audience for a few seconds so my father could get a picture of me. Then I went back to my seat and waited for the other awards to be announced. We finally were getting our diploma. When I was called I got up with confidence. I walk up that stage, grab my diploma and shake the principle’s hand and I was ready for the photo. I walk to the other side of the stage and stop to put my tassel from the left side to the right. I finally graduated from high school and felt a weight lifted of my

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