Essay on Graduation Day : The Most Important Day Of My Life

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Graduation Day: The Most Important Day of My Life

May 18, 2015: I was officially an alumnus of Park Vista Community High School. No longer a student, but a graduate. Gone were the days where I would wake up at six in the morning. Gone were the long days where I left high school feeling sluggish and tired. The anticipation that the senior class of 2015 was graduating was refreshing and made everyone cheerful. During the course of four years I went from an anxious, uncertain, and frustrated to confident, happy, and hardworking. High school may have been tough but by the time graduation rolled around, I was ready. With this said, it is not odd that this is one of the more important days in my almost nineteen years my life.

The morning of graduation I felt so many emotions. I knew this day was going to long. I had my dad and his parents coming from South Carolina, my mom’s sister (aunt) coming from Arizona along with my mom and grandma. Having my divorced, not-on-speaking-terms parents come put a lot of stress on me. I was nervous enough about whether I would trip across stage or if I looked okay or who I would be looking for in the crowd as my name echoed the Expo Center. I didn’t need to worry about this too!

As I get to the Expo Center, where the graduation is being held, I began to feel anxious. As it grew time, we got seated. I waited patiently, listening to the superintendent make his speech, listening to the valedictorian who…

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