Google Sourcing Strategy Analysis

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Analysis of Sourcing Strategy
Parameters & Goals:
At Google our number one concern is the employees and the ability to unleash the potential of our talented workforce is our greatest competitive advantage.
This search will focus on finding the correct cultural fit within the next 60 days
The hiring team is focused on sourcing a candidate that fits the job description and the identified competencies so that we retain our competitive advantage
We will look first internally within Google succession planning for any candidates who have been identified as ready now for this type of position
Another goal of the hiring team is to source the correct candidate in the most cost effective manner using a step progression strategy
First 60 days
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This search will focus on finding the correct mindset, experience,and personality. EEO diversity category is welcome, but is not a core focus for filling this position.
We believe the Google brand is strong enough to attract a talented candidate within the first 60 days and we will not have the need to use external recruiters.

II. Specific Sourcing Strategies:
This position will be released to internal employees through the Google employee referral portal at the same time that it is posted.
This will allow employees to share the posting on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites
This position will be posted on,,,, with the Mountain View Workforce Development, NBMBAA, NSHMBA,and the
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This process has given the team insight to how our competition is preparing for the future, how we differ from them (pros and cons) and why.
This has allowed our team to leverage what sets Google apart from our competitors and we will source this position in a way that will attract competitor resources
We will leverage our organization’s focus and ability to measure the findings of our sourcing strategy implementation
During this search we will be tweaking and revising what avenues we are using to source candidates. Remaining flexible to change strategies if current strategies show us a better more effective route
We will be continuously checking our metrics as we source. Ensuring the strategies that are chosen for implementation are aligned with our organization 's goals, including our employees and we will source in a way that leaves a favorable organizational impression on all applicants who interface with our recruiting team
We will promote our generous benefits to all applicants to attract the best candidates.
We will emphasize the Google wellness and the work environment spaces as an important aspect to differentiate our company and this

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