The Importance Of Representations Of A Good Marriage

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Representations of a “good marriage” are defined as a formal union of a man and a woman’s to enrich and enjoy a lifetime inclusive bond that they make based on mutual trust, love, and respect. Marriage is a give and take relationship, and doesn 't work like a casual friendship. Marriage is really defined as “it takes two" to make your marriage work. To attain a perfect marriage, regardless of imperfections, couples establish a mutual commitment to be legally recognized in marriage. A marriage shall also be recognized by the same sex union of men and/or women who are committed to each other in marriage. Cultural society, religious, and government entity state that rights shall not be extended to same sex married couples, who fulfill these responsibilities …show more content…
People don’t get involved in marriages because they fear, a sense of entrapment in an unloving or compromising situation. Also, people’s considerations or views from a marriage arguments and emotionally spent problems with their husband or wife for the rest of their life. Examples that happiness was largely affected by the choices and actions in marriages are picking your battles, watching your words/ action (physically, emotionally, and financially), and structuring male roles/female roles. Marriage isn 't a guarantee to one another, marriage matters to accept the man or women to be happy with. The new definition of marriage contains more sense for people to understand what the real definition of marriage is on a broader aspect of appreciation and acceptance. If the new definition is more common, then people can comprehend using the new definition of commitment. In summary, a good marriage state that a husband or wife in a relationship recognized are, by law, a real marriage provides a model of love, human love for one another, and a man and a woman can give to each other. The new definition will affect people and society more acceptable because a good marriage stand where love, friendship, and soul mate and stay together through the happiness and the pain. It’s easy some days, it is life-changing, perfect, imperfect, exhilarating and infuriating, yet requiring the hardest work, but it really is the most wonderful

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