Golden Retriever: A Short Story

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There's a house in Ohio that sits in the middle of the woods, about nine miles away from society. They all think it's a coincidence, the things that happened in there. In just a year or two from now, another family will move into that home and I'll bet all the money in my pocket that they will not last more than a month there. If they do somehow last any more than a month, I'm scared for what will happen to them. What will happen the their children. I'm writing this to prevent that.

I moved into the home just two months ago, drove the way from Pittsburgh. It was just myself, my six year old son, Sam, and our Golden Retriever, Max. It was nice. It was quiet. It was everything I thought it would be. From the moment I stepped foot in the home
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On the first night that it happened, it was around three in the morning. The dog was always barking around this time, but it wasn't necessarly that which had awoken me. It was the constant sound of the screen door closing and opening back and fourth. I looked through the window, the trees were still, the grass was calm. It wasn't windy out there and yet that screen door was still opening and closing. I followed it downstairs to the kitchen, but not before checking in on Sam. He was sound …show more content…
She said she heard what sounded like somebody knocking on the door. Not the door leading down to the basement, but the second one, the one that lead to the second room. She never went down there, said she was "too old for that shit" and that her heart couldn't take it. I told her that it was just the furnace and I convinced myself that it was. I convinced myself that every noise that came from the basement was just the furnace.

The longer we stayed there, the worse things had got. I woke up again to the screen door closing and shutting non-stop. Just like almost every night, I got out of bed and headed downstairs. I noticed the dog was not barking and so, I rushed into the kitchen. The door was wide open. I ran outside and screamed for Max, I was never able to find him, but over toward the shaq, I thought that I had saw something. I can't explain what it was that I saw, it was too dark, but I know there was something or someone out there. It was not the dog, it was something much

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