Globalization: Toms a Commodity Fetish Essay

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Alysa Sharp
Carla Jones
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TOMS: A Commodity Fetish Globalization is the international influence, change, and interaction within or between countries and or nations. This creates an idea of connectedness between the facilitating nation and the nation being influenced. Within this interaction and influence on another nation there becomes this desire to become a “trendsetter” through the use of products and other various commodities throughout the world. One such example can be seen through the United States which is associated with so many different types of brands such as Coca-Cola or Nike. These influences and trends though cannot be simply placed anywhere, rather they are developed and strategically thought of
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As well they want to help their supply employees through training them and educating them in the knowledge of what human trafficking is and as well slavery prevention. They “follow local labor standards”; which fluctuate from place to place which gives a very vague reality of what their “real” standards are. TOMS’ website does say that all factories are audited by third parties, each employer signs a code of conduct in which they are agreeing to follow the stipulations to TOMS company, there are regular visits made by TOMS production staff to make sure they are working and adhering to the code of conduct and other various working standards, and that all their standards are based off of the International Labor Organization Compliance Standards ( The intent of such standards, then, is to establish a worldwide minimum level of protection from inhumane labor practices through the adoption and implementation of said measures. “It is the aim of international labor standards to ensure the provision of such rights in the workplace, such as against workplace aggression, bullying, discrimination and gender inequality on the other hands for working diversity, workplace democracy and empowerment”( The basic stages of the production of the shoes goes from a team that draws up the ideas of the shoes, to a mock make-up of the shoe,

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