Give Him The Chance That I Never Had

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Words that will always be imprinted on my mind are when my older sister said, “Give him the chance that I never had.” At the time, tears were welling up and pricking my eyes, but I didn’t want to distress Mum and Dad who thought they were giving me the opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to attend Robert Gordon’s College, the most prestigious school in Aberdeen. I thought I would hate Gordon’s because it was a ‘posh’ school where the pupils were like clones, all wearing the same navy-blue blazers. Also, I was happy idling along at Oldmachar where I was in the top sets without much effort and was surrounded by good friends.
We were at an impasse as I was entrenched in my views and my parents were equally determined that theirs was the right decision. Looking back, I realise now that I had absolutely no chance of winning because they believe that education is the key to success. However, they tried to make it look fair by giving me the opportunity to write down all my reasons and one by one, they shot them down. Mum and Dad had all the ammunition at their disposal; unfairly they brought in their big guns: my uncle, a former Gordonian who went on to Cambridge and even sixth year pupils who loved the school and appreciated what it had done for them. The battle was lost and I agreed to sit the entrance
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Now I wanted the world to be my oyster. That summer, without any prompting from my parents, I chose to study independently and came to enjoy topics such as algebra, inheritance of genes and gravitation in which previously I had very little interest. This perseverance paid off as soon as I went back to school and despite being in the bottom set for both English and Maths, my test scores began to steadily improve. Even after all my hard work, I was bitterly disappointed when so many people in my year achieved better grades than me in the prelim exams. What more could I

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