Girls' Basketball Camp Essay

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Girls’ Basketball Camp Thirty seconds left on the shot clock and there are five confident and athletic girls who have no time to take a breather. The game of basketball is not easy. To run a basketball camp, there are many qualities needed such as enthusiasm, knowledge, teaching ability, and the willingness to interact. Locating a site to hold a camp, determining the right dates, finding the participants, and finding volunteers are the many steps involved to running a successful camp. That is why running a basketball camp for middle school girls is a hard job to do because of all the people and equipment that is involved.
The very first step to running a basketball camp is to have the appropriate facilities. If the participants are
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Being committed to play is the most important concept when playing any sport. All participants should be committed to play and to learn new things at the camp. Coming to the camp on time and being prepared is another big role. Showing up at the camp prepared means being in the proper attire. Proper attire would be the right athletic footwear and comfortable clothing. If students are participating in a camp that has participants from the same school, their PE uniforms are the right clothing to wear during the camp.
Not only are the participants the main key to running a basketball camp, but also the many volunteers who are involved. Volunteers are important because they have the knowledge to teach the players the correct way of playing the sport. Coaches and ex-players are able to help the girls improve their basketball skills. Not only are they important to running a camp because of their high basketball IQ, but also because of their love for the game. Coach David Nesmith says, “I love being a basketball coach. My first year coaching Kamehameha School Girls Varsity team was a fun year. Although it was hard at times, I am learning about my players and they are learning my system.” Teachers and parents are other adults who have the potential to help organize and run a basketball camp. Although their knowledge in basketball is not high, they still should be able to help the girls in any possible way to become better athletes. Not only do

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