Gilmore Girls Character Analysis

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My favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls, it has a unique style with its fast-paced dialogue and well known references. Producers filmed shots long and uninterrupted so they could film it in a single shot. The characters have very complex yet interesting lives especially the main two; Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Lorelai is the mother and best friend to Rory. She has multiple relationships throughout the show yet through it all Rory is always her main focus in life. She basically spits witty comments out every time she speaks but when things get serious she knows what's important. Rory is intelligent and very hard working. She learns from relationships throughout the show, yet, like her mother, finds their relationship is the most important of them all. …show more content…
It's based on the times of today and what we go through. Gilmore Girls shows events that happen in everybody's lives today like graduating school and moving on from friends, breakups, the troubles of college, and finding your way in the world as a young person. I believe the show respects the audience's intelligence for the most part. In some situations where Lorelai and Rory are in a fast-pace dialogue, they will say a pop-culture reference and, a majority of the time, assume the audience knows what they are talking about when in reality, they probably do

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