Essay on Getting Sick : A Routine Of My Life Since Childhood

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Frequently getting sick was a routine of my life since childhood. Before the second year of my elementary school, my mother was on residence rotation in a hospital that’s 30 miles away from me. Without a car, she only planned on coming home every half a month. Fortunately to me, she had to return every week because of my sickness. No matter how late at night or how badly she went through car-sickness, she never failed to bring me new toys in compensating for my suffering from the bitter medicines. There were two drugs that disgusted me the most. GRANULAE ZINCI CLUCONATIS ET IBUPROFENI COMPOSITAE, a medicine that I took every night to stop the tickling in the throat. And another is Pfizer produced drug mostly consisted of Azithromycin, that had a weird taste which later I learned to be the flavor of fruit punch. For a lot of times, medications like antibiotics and antipyretics did not take effect quickly enough for me. My body temperature sometimes spikes to over 40 C/105 F in the mid of the night and stays on that level for hours. When I got older, I even learned to tell the body temperature by its symptoms. When the body temperature suddenly jumped to 38 C/100.5 F I would lose my usual muscle mobility. As it continues going up to 39 C/100.9 F the fever would disrupt the normal function of my intestine and cause stomachache. When it’s 40 C/105 F, I would have lost my sensation of the surrounding environment. There were numerous times, the sudden fever accompanied…

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