Essay on German-Amerian Lifestyle

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Germany is located at the center of the European continent, sitting between the nations of eastern and Western Europe. “Germany is the third-largest nation in the European Union after France and Spain” (Gordon, 2005, p. 4). For this project I chose to interview a neighbor of mine, Edie Standorf. In this paper I will share some of the cultural norms that she shared with me and how life transitioning from a child growing up in Germany to an adult now living in the United States of America. I will also share with you some interesting facts that I was able to learn about while researching the German culture. Edie Standorf grew up in Germany as Edie Borret from 1927 to 1955. When she was 18 years old she chose to move to the U.S leaving …show more content…
Edie’s first job in America was working for a hotel in Aurora doing the reception paperwork and managing the books. At the age of 21 Edie met her first husband, Richard Rieger through a mutual friend. Richard was also from Germany and had moved here in 1953. At the age of 22, one year after being introduced to Richard they were married. Edie and Richard were married for twenty-two years when Richard passed away from kidney failure due to alcohol abuse. Over the next seven years Edie was left to raise three boys with no father. While transitioning into the life of a single mom Edie was attending group counseling to help her heal from the loss of her husband when she met her second husband. Her second husband was also grieving the loss of his wife and transitioning into the life of single fatherhood. The two of them became friends while helping one another overcome their loss and transitioned into a wonderful couple. In 1988 she was remarried to Wayne Standorf and together they blended into a family of 9. Education in Germany differs from education in America. In Germany Edie stated that by the age of 16 each student must decide if they wanted to go to college or if they wanted go into a trade. If they chose to go into a trade they were to immediately enter into an internship or apprentice where they would practice their chosen trade for four years. At the age of 18 when they were completed with their apprenticeship they

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