Genetically Modified Food Could Destroy The World Essay

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Genetically Modified Foods Why genetically modified food could destroy the world? According to an article called History of Genetically Modified Foods it said “The 1980’s marked the scientific discovery that specific pieces of DNA could be transferred from one organism to another”( history of GMO) that means that the scientist had been feeding humans bad food for over thirty four years. Genetically modified food has filled the world with its bad radiation and people thought they are eating healthy food. Also, in that article it said in 1983 the scientist started transferring plants to try to make bigger plants. And since genetically modified foods started the humans cannot stop it because it became worldwide and people are use to it. In 2004 the same article said “as of 2004, genetically modified crops were being grown by 8.25 million farmers in 17 countries” (history of GMO) that means that the genetically modified foods has been spitting too quickly around the world. And now it filled the world and no one is able to stop it. Genetically foods have entered many and many countries all around the world. Transgenic food is terrible for the human health because the scientist can put two different DNA cells in one organ, and that could cost much illness around the world. Many people who think it is easy to play with DNA cells. A lot of scientists try to discover something that could help the world, for example in this article “History of Genetically Modified Foods” it says…

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