Should We Use Genetically Modified Foods Affect The Environment?

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As the population increases, our need for food increases as well. Growing all natural crops is very hard to do as well as very hard to maintain. In 1996, human consumption of genetically engineered foods became legal. Genetically modified crops have been around, but only for animal and livestock consumption. GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are organisms which have been genetically altered using other genes of bacterials to help them grow faster and last longer. Genetically modified foods haven 't been around long enough for us to know the long term effects so we shouldn 't rely on them as much as we do and should be cautious with the GMOs we eat everyday. Today, the consumption of GMOs for the average american is everyday. Almost 80 percent of foods at our local market contain any type of GMOs. For us to eat them everyday and not know the affects it has on our bodies is scary. …show more content…
As most genetically modified foods are herbicide tolerant. The overuse of herbicides creates superweeds, which then require more herbicides. The use of more and more herbicides is not only unsafe for the environment, but also unsafe for human consumption. Also the herbicides, such as Roundup, is linked to birth defects, hormone disruption and cancer. GMOs harm the environment along with birds, insects, and many organisms that create our ecosystem. This results in a reduced biodiversity. Glyphosate, a chemical used for herbicides literally tears the stomach out of the bacteria to kill it. This chemical is on our foods and could pose the same threat to use in lower terms, but as the consumption of this chemical is more common the effects may become more noticeable. In a study with rats and eating GMO corn, 70 percent of female and 50 percent of male rats had died prematurely when they were fed with the corn. The corn was coated with the herbicides that is used by every farmer. GMOs have been inked to 22 different types of

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