Women In Front Lines

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Including women on the front lines alongside men has been a substantial argument for many years. The decision whether to introduce women into the front lines could rely on a wide variety of topics. Gender equality, physical readiness, and the positions that women could hold are all of what stands controversial in this debate. I believe women should be allowed among the front lines with men because both men and women have the capabilities of fighting and enhancing the power of our military. Opening up combat roles for women merely formalizes the reality of what was already happening; it 's just opening more roles and opportunities (Armour 2013). The bottom line is if you can do the job, you should be out there doing it, whether you 're a man …show more content…
Not a single individual would prefer to sit in one place their entire career without any progress in their profession. While there are many women in the military today, these front line jobs that we are denying them are the jobs that are critical for some to progress in their field. Denying them these jobs portrays the military to have a sexist mindset. Unfortunately, though, gender equality issues in the military go beyond rules about what positions women are allowed to serve in (Moritz 2012). The individuals we spoke with were clear that gender discrimination is alive and well, and if the military can 't abolish blatant sexism, they won 't see equality for many more years (Moritz 2012). The inequality prevents the women from being on the front lines along men, thus disempowering them from progressing in their lives as military …show more content…
Women who are willing and physically able to get the job done, should have absolutely no problem in doing so. Every person who has signed up to be in the military, man or woman, is there for a particular reason. Closing the positions of the front lines holds back every woman who wants to be there for a reason. With that being said, this also causes the military to lose a staggering amount of potential in women fit to fight along the front lines. The struggle for inequality among women in the military will always seem to be there. The military was always portrayed as a traditional way for a man to fight for his country and family. However, despite the struggle for equality, many women still find that they thoroughly enjoy their jobs in the military—and they have continued to serve our country (Moritz 2012). In conclusion, then, the pros of women being in the military are far more valuable. Women should be allowed to fight along the frontlines because most women are as physically capable as men and have the ability to further improve the military force. The diversity and skills women could bring into the military are critical things that could ultimately change the result of any encounter during a battle. The military is just this one step away from moving forward and accepting the policies that affect women everyday who

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