Gender Ideology : Gender And Gender Essay

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Gender ideology shapes how a gender should act and the norms people must follow. Each family shapes their gender ideologies based on customs, ethnicity and other customs the family follows. There are families who enforce the norms of how each gender should act and other families may believe genders are equal and do not believe each gender should have different roles. In my family, my parents followed the gender norms and each of us had to act according to our gender. My parents reinforced the gender norms and taught us that being male or female came along with different roles. There are many families like mine that expect their children to act like male or females so norms are not broken. Gender ideology reflects strongly on how we will view gender and behave. Gender ideology is all around us, but it starts at home and our behavior in institutions and identity will be based on our gender ideology we learned in our family.
In the book Gender Wade and others explain that the number one gender rule is that one has to identify as male or female. In society, people must identify as one gender and must not break the norm of wanting to change the norms. If a person is born female and decides to change their gender, they will be seen as deviant and breaking the norm. There are many people who must follow the norms because of their background and the family they grew up in. For example, I grew up in a family where my father was the breadwinner, who would bring the money to the house…

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