The Myth Of The Latin Women Analysis

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Society has started a controversy that has set gender roles to determine how you should act. Society is a powerful yet influential to all people.Gender roles has been very essential to our society and how we see each other. there has been tremendous amounts of stereotypes toward both sex male and female. Nowadays, in the 21st Century social media has gender roles on how both sex should act. There are many people that are stereotypical but there have been groups that are against it such as the feminist. Gender roles may set a type of restriction for an individual because there are certain terms for each gender. Each individual may feel distressed to express themselves freely. Together as humans, we should work together to stop gender roles. …show more content…
These stereotypes have been hoping for a great amount of time. Society has projected that females are just seductive sexual tools. In the following text “The myth of the Latin Women” Judith Ortiz Coler examines the impact towards the stereotype. Coler remarks “When a Puerto Rican girl is dressed in her idea of what attractive meets a man from the mainstream culture who has been trained to react to certain types of clothes as sexual signs”. This shows me how society just care what's in the outside and not in the inside, similar situation with males. Females have been compared to males for a long time. It has been said that women are inferior to men. In Stephen Jay Gould’s essay “Women's Brain” he comments “ Women like it or not had smaller brains than men and therefore could not equal to men in intelligence”. By stating this Gould had opened an argument that women are not only a sexual tool but they are illiterate compared to men. The text have clearly state that women only job should be care takers . As you see this is another cultural stereotype. It is that men are the provider and women are housewives. More stereotypes are added by social media. In the documentary “Miss Representation” they talk about how 57% of women are not happy with there bodies. It is about the subjection of women being falsely portrayed. How women are portrayed in social media shape the young women self esteem because it …show more content…
One can say that women were mainly affected, but males have been victimized as well. In today's society have slowly learned to accept ‘nontraditional’ gender roles over the years. There was argument that men are superior traditionally. In the essay “ Mind over Muscle” there is evidence to show the difference between that assumption. The author David Brooks quotes “ The difference has become monumental in college. Women are more likely to enroll to college and they are more likely to have better application.” There is a big question, is are females becoming the superior gender? Brooks adds “ During that time the honest discussion of it initiates differences has been stifled. Is it time to look at the other half.” This shows how females have progressed and basically surpassed males. The gender are shifting. Gender roles have enforced on how we think of each other today. In society today people are afraid to express them freely. We all play vital roles in the society and we can change the idea of gender

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