Gender Identity: Issues In Diversity

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Gender Identity Paper
Issues in Diversity
Social Work 2200
Anjelica Montesdeoca
Weber State University

Gender Identity Gender identity is defined by being male or female, girl or boy. Females are expected to do many things. For example, cook, clean, have nice bodies, take care of the kids, some are required to have a job, etc. Males are expected to earn the income of the family, look fit, protect his family, be strong, be successful, etc. But, I feel like the expectations for both female and males has been changing with this generation. Another thing that has been changing with this is the gender identity of a person. Back-in-the-days, individuals were only known as boy or girl, and they were defined by their sexual parts.
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My expectations as a female from my Latino culture is to respect my husband, have kids, and be a stay at home mom. I have to cook, clean the house, take care of the kids, and make sure the kids are clean. I don’t have a say on how the money is spent, the decisions in the household, and I can’t raise my voice at my husband. Basically, I have to do everything without saying anything that might disappoint or offend my spouse. My expectations as a female in my American culture is to keep the house clean, cook, take care of the kids, have an education, and respect my husband. I am able to make decision on how the money is spent and make decisions for the household. The females in both of my cultures are expected to do more and have a less say in things. I strongly disagree with the expectation society and different cultures have for …show more content…
When I go visit my aunt in California I always see her cleaning up, cooking, and making sure everything is clean before my uncle gets home. She is always in a rush trying to get everything done on time. I learned it female expectations by my grandma when she came to visit us. She would tell us stories of the things she would do when she lived with my grandpa. The reason she would tell us is because she would see that my mom wouldn’t do the things that were required of her. She would get mad at my mom because she isn’t teaching me how to be a lady, and how to respect my husband. By respect my husband, she meant that I have to listen, do and act how he wants me to. I’ve also learned it from the people I talk to or know. For example, my sister’s family are a strong believer of doing everything for their husband. All he is in charge of doing is working and making the decisions, which is something I don’t agree with. I’ve learned the expectations of female in America by social media and what I see on TV. Before doing something, they have to get approved by the

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