Gender Differences: Nature Vs Nurture

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Gender Differences: Nature vs. Nurture
There is no doubt that men and women are different but the question many people ask is when do we have this seed planted in our brains. Maybe we already are born with an ideology embedded in our genes and there is nothing we can do. Two pieces of literature that help broaden the discussion of nature versus nature in gender differences are “Between the Sexes, a Great Divide” by Anna Quindlen and “Being a Man” by Paul Theroux. We are all born to be a unique person and to have our own distinctive ideas, however, society has a huge deal in the way our character is formed. Gender differences are learned when one is a child, when we are young we do not know the difference between girls and boys. We would be
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This could mean that children are picking up traits from their own parents that can include the bad or negative thoughts. It is especially true when young boys are being formed to have the mentality of men, Theroux states, "as most are, into believing in the masculine ideal is effectively separated from and he spends the rest of his life finding a riddle and nuisance” (167). The children are having an idea forced upon them on how they are supposed to act before they even know who they are. The gender divide begins with parents and usually leads to ignorant adults in the future. However, boys are not the only gender to be presented with the preset mentality of genders; girls are also exposed to this. Women are also victim to their environments and influencing from preexisting thoughts on gender. Women have the pressure of having to find a man to be lady like. Theroux states, “Feminity—being lady-like—implies needing a man as a witness and seducer; but masculinity celebrates the exclusive company of men” (167). This divide in gender makes it difficult for men to have the simple acquaintance of women. The gender difference has even made it difficult the simple right that humans have to interact with one another. Nevertheless, a person can change their views on gender

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