Confusion Between Genders

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In the world today we have too much confusion between both genders about what we want and who we are. The question everyone ask are both genders equal and are our life goals the same. Are we different because from birth we are raised differently; as a boy you walk a thin line between comfort and discipline, but as a girl you line gets extended as long as you cry after whatever you did. This way of teaching never stops even as we become adults; with this way the question is are we different, the same, or are we trained to be opposite from birth. Is this in our mentality to see one gender as less than and one as dominant in control; if we weren’t taught what gender was how would we should treat each other without any knowledge how would we …show more content…
A survey done by Jennifer Rankin resulted more in finding out as men get older they become happier but women get sadder as they become older; Jennifer Rankin writes these women as they get older seem lost and unfulfilled and more willing to settle on their expectations. Jennifer writes when a women is young she has fun with her choices and life; but as she gets older the women searches for someone to settle down with but why is this choice so hard. Studies show that divorces are much higher than other generation and relationships aren’t lasting; the majority of women have complained about today’s man they were quoted as saying being in a relationship with today’s man doesn’t make them happy. 100 men were surveyed and they had the same problems when dealing with today’s female. 10 percent of guys were surveyed and asked do you think that women of the past were better mates then women of today; they complaints were that the women of today are crazy, stalk, aren’t loving, and are just hard to deal with. Jennifer Rankin stated we have a major problem in society as far as the communication between both genders she is concerned of this confusion being passed down to children; she states even though genders are more equal there’s something missing between both genders there’s so much confusion and misunderstanding, she states we need to make a 90 degree change to change the attitude of society.

Both genders are important to society and the progress of humanity. Gender was researched and they have been proven that both sexes are similar but for the most part are opposite; since the beginning of time there were 2 genders and we can’t lose sight of that or we can’t forget

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