Elizabeth Farrelly's No Boys Allowed?

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No Boys Allowed
In a scientific point of view nature causes gender differences in interests/behaviors. But in reality nurturing holds more credibility on gender differences. “Gender is a social construct” means gender is created through society and culture, and this is prescribed as appropriate behavior for a person based on their gender. The view above isn’t uncommon within teacher’s training in college and public schools. This view has a great potential to hurt boys because teachers aren’t allowing boys to be boys. Boys are being punished by their schools for being boys; they’re being taught to have the behavior and preferences of girls.
When boys don’t keep up with the reading, writing and behavior at the same rate as girls, they are usually
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Ritalin is drug that affects the central nervous system that helps with ADHD. Describing a case of boys being punished for being hyper, Elizabeth Farrelly, author of Sedation Nation the Cost of Taking Boisterous Out of Boys, describes, “There’s also this: although, in Australia as elsewhere, the male-to-female ADHD ratio is 2.45:1, Ritalin rates are 5:1.”(Farrelly, par.10). ADHD stands for Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder which makes a person hyperactive and impulsive. 5 males take ritalin compared to 1 female taking it. Which means even if a female is diagnosed with ADHD they’re not as likely to be prescribed ritalin as male would. That would make it so males are more likely to be drugged up, thus increasing the risk of drug addiction. Also if the ratio is 2.45:1, the ritalin rate should also be 2.45:1 that would make the ratios correct. So that means the ratios are biased and gender has to do with an individual taking ritalin. Explaining the prescription rates, Farrelly claims, “Ritalin prescriptions have quadrupled in seven years, which might be explained by the drug being covered by a government subsidy…”(Farrelly, Par.9). Ritalin isn’t a safe drug for children that don’t have ADHD. Side effects such as fast heartbeat and high blood pressure are common severe effects of taking ritalin. But the uncommon side effects are all …show more content…
According to Farrelly, “Thirty years ago Australian primary schools employed five male teachers for every four females. By 2006 there was one male teacher for every four females.”(Farrelly, par.4). The ratio of male to female teachers is becoming more unbalanced. Since there are so many female teachers, the lack of male presence makes boys feel intimidated. Female teachers can teach boys how to behave like girls which results in “gender is a social construct”. Boys aren’t liked by female teachers because they prefer quiet girls sitting listening to them at all times. But boys aren’t born by nature to sit for hours without moving. The lack of male role models also makes boys become more like girls because there’s no male teachers to guide them. Giving an example of lack of male influence, Conlin, proclaims, “Hug a girl, he could be labeled a “toucher” and swiftly suspended-a result of what some say is an interesting anti-boy culture…”(Conlin, pg. 172). Boys are punished severely for something that isn’t even that serious. The lack of male teacher influence means female teachers could punish boys however they want. That affects boys which makes them think that they can’t touch anyone or they’ll get in trouble. This is a result of anti-boy culture created in school by female teachers. A male teacher wouldn’t punish boys as harshly as female

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