Gender Classrooms As The Tool For Successful Learning Essay

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Same - gender classrooms as the tool to successful learning
It seems like every year now schools in America are facing some kind of a reform; among the changes, same – gender classrooms are making their comeback. Opponents of separating male and female students into different groups propose it will boost grades and improve test scores. They believe the main components single – sex classroom can provide on the road to success are: opportunity for boys and girls to learn differently, improvement of discipline, and minimizing the preference of gender – typical subjects.
Most of the time, benefit of setting different learning environments for boys and girls is connected to the studies on brain development. Human brain has been a fascinating topic for scientists for centuries. In the late 1800 the main focus of the studies was on specialty of each hemisphere of the brain, today it shifted towards studying differences in male and female brain. In 2004 a team of fourteen neuroscientists presenting three different universities studied thirty samples of brain tissue. Presented with a sample, they didn’t know if that tissue belonged to a male or female. And yet, they were unmistakably able to separate the tissue by sex, as female brain tissue contained more proteins derived from X chromosome, when male’s tissue had more proteins from Y chromosome. That was a clear proof that female and male brains are genetically programmed different ways. (Vawter, 2004) Naturally, as the next step,…

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