Jon Spayde, Learning In The Key Of Life

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Female Education
Jon Spayde, said, “What sort of society do we want? What is the nature of humankind? How do we learn best? And – most challenging of all – what is the Good?” author of the article, Learning In The Key of Life. Females and males learn very differently from each other and both of their educations can suffer because of the education being taught these days. A single gender environment is essential for the proper education of females. Females won’t be productive learners and will not reach full potential. Females need the proper education because their minds are more complex then males and have a different psychology then males also. Females need an education that caters to their educational needs and a single gender environment
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Females and males have a hormonal difference. Now day’s classrooms are formed and called an “androgynous classroom”. For many years’ educators have thought this was the best way to educate students because of this more focus is put on the males because they have more behavioral problems and more learning disables. (Gurian) According to, Harry Daniels, author of the article, Gender and Learning: Equity, Equality, and Pedagogy, he states,
“There has been a shift away from public concern about girls’ achievement to boys’ achievement at school in exams. The concern about ‘boys’ underachievement’ has been characterized in educational policy initiatives at national, local and school levels, most significantly in the imposition of a national literacy strategy.”

There is a more obvious focus on males then females in an androgynous classroom. According to, Joann Deak, PhD, author of, How Girls Thrive, states that studies have shown that females are productive learners in these types of environments. Studied asked males if they thought they learned differently from females. One male said
“Yeah their brains are completely different. I mean I read a book, I’ve seen this in a newspaper somewhere, and it showed you the bits inside the brain that tell you to do different things and a girls’ brain looks completely different to the inside of a boy’s”

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