Importance Of Gender In Education

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The institution of education has proved to be pivotal in the construction and development of children and young people. Through the education system, Individuals learn and acquire different skills, aptitudes and abilities which become beneficial towards gaining future employment. It can be argued that the education system acts as a key institution in reinforcing gender stereotypes. The education system also acts as a key site of gender configuration playing, socialising and forming the identities of children and their roles in society. Gender equality in education is promoted through the National Curriculum which Francis (2000:8 ), argues ‘compels pupils to pursue the same core subjects in school, but once compulsory schooling is completed pupils appear largely to revert to traditional choices, with girls tending to choose arts/humanities and boys opting for science/technology subjects’. …show more content…
This shows the relative importance of gender in understanding the educational experiences of young people as it highlights how without the National Curriculum gender segregation can occur as a result of subject

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