Elaine Mcardle And Michelle Conlin: Article Analysis

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Not a Man’s World

Elaine McArdle and Michelle Conlin are writers for magazines such as The Boston Globe and Business Week. McArdle and Conlin articles are about boys falling behind in college education and girls becoming the lead gender in higher education. McArdle and Conlin argue that event though were the leading beneficiaries’ is education it has change in recent years. Their arguments of the articles suggest that boys today are becoming less interested in higher education due to their ability to learn and succeed in school. McArdle and Conlin also argue that women today are leading to become more educated than men because of their ability to learn faster than men. The main cause of men not going to college is their biology of learning
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Why is it that men are falling behind? Or women are increasingly getting the advantage of higher education. According to McArdle, “Boys, who already find school difficult, fall behind become discourage and give up.” McArdle describes that boys have find it difficult to understand school because they are either distracted or discipline in ways that discourages them to continue school. Many times boys are under some kind of medication for them to be able to remain focus in school; this can also cause boys to lose interest in going to school. Conlin also describes boys …show more content…
The boys brain might be bigger and learn differently, as girls their brains mature faster. Schools today give diagnoses of attention deficit disorder to boys which causes boys to take medicine in order to control them to remain calm and focus in school. Giving medication to boys whom are normally distracted causes them to be less interested in school. Men not going to college can lead into more poverty and unemployment in the United States it is not a good thing to let happen there should be more ways for boys to be able to learn in school. McArdle and Conlin agree that the imbalance in gender education is bad and that some actions need to be taken into consideration. For example, McArdle suggests having teaching techniques for boys to learn that does not hold back girls. Another example, Conlin suggests, “Educators should focus on helping boys feel less like misfits.”(178). Conlin is advising that more teachers should trained in to helping boys learning at their pace and not of others. By allowing boys to learn while being active it helps them learn without

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