'The Case Against Single-Sex Classrooms'

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“The Case Against Single-Sex Classrooms,” by Margaret Talbot, “The War Against Boys,” by Christina Hoff Sommers, and “Men Are From Earth, and So Are Women: It’s Faulty Research That Sets Them Apart,” by Rosalind C. Barnett and Caryl Rivers, have their opinion on men and have shown what they are. What I came to notice the most after reading these interesting articles is that why a lot of women are standing up and expressing these ideas to the world is because they want to make a change in the way the world sees women from men. This change is being processed slowly but it is not up to what women believe is fair.
Talbot’s essay was one that caught my attention, especially towards the end of the article. At the start she talks about how a situation
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Could be because maybe I am a man, but when reading most of this material I felt a cold look towards my gender. I understand that the gender of women are unequal with the gender of men from around the world and that I do agree that it is not correct. Based from what I read in this particular article I have come to realize that women do achieve greater success in a lot of categories that men do not as much. Sommer’s provides a some data or facts about the subject that women are better than men in some places. I can see that this author might be a feminist, maybe or maybe not, I can be wrong, but when I began reading the first sentence, “It’s a bad time to be a boy in America,” in my mind I said (247). “Oh, another article that going to bombard the gender of men.” Do not get me wrong I do not believe that all women that say negative things about men are considered feminist it just that I’m going with my gut that Sommer’s might be a feminist. Putting that aside, a meaningful thing I got from her is that the reason she might be saying all this for everyone to see is that much of the world have a lower expectation from women. This unfair view on women is not acceptable, because men are not more different from women, we are all from

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