Essay on Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

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Gay marriage has been the topic of debate for many decades. People are opposed to gay marriage because their religion is against it, and others think that same sex marriage is wrong because the couples cannot necessarily reproduce. Those who support gay marriage believe everyone should have the right to do what makes them happy and marry who they please.
Gay marriage was not a popular discussion until 1970; a gay couple went to the Hennepin County District Court in Minnesota and requested a marriage license, but it was denied. The court said that the couple could not marry because they were both men. Even when the couple pointed out that Minnesota had no marriage laws mentioning gender, the court stuck with its decision (“Gay Marriage Timeline”, 2014). Gay marriage had been brought to the United States’ attention and the states started taking action. In 1973, Maryland was the first state to legally ban same sex marriage. This did not stop gay couples, though. In 1987 there was the first mass gay-marriage ceremony in Washington D.C., and in 1989 same sex couples were considered families by the Supreme Court (“Gay Marriage Timeline”, 2014). After roughly ten years, Massachusetts was the first state to legalize same sex marriage in 2003 with Connecticut following its lead in 2008 (“Gay Marriage Timeline”, 2014). Gay marriage was legalized in select states for about a decade until the summer of 2015; gay marriage was legalized in all fifty states in the United States (“Same sex…

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