Gay Marriage Debate Essay

Gay marriage has been the topic of debate for many decades. People are opposed to gay marriage because their religion is against it, and others think that same sex marriage is wrong because the couples cannot necessarily reproduce. Those who support gay marriage believe everyone should have the right to do what makes them happy and marry who they please.
Gay marriage was not a popular discussion until 1970; a gay couple went to the Hennepin County District Court in Minnesota and requested a marriage license, but it was denied. The court said that the couple could not marry because they were both men. Even when the couple pointed out that Minnesota had no marriage laws mentioning gender, the court stuck with its decision (“Gay Marriage Timeline”,
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Many People who are opposed to gay marriage do not understand why it is important for same sex couples to be able to wed (Wakefield, 2012). Marriage is a bond between two people who love each other, and just like straight couples, same sex couples want to have that statement of commitment. Advocates for same sex consider marriage to be about two people who love each other, not about gender, but those opposed to same sex marriage think that marriage should strictly be a bond between a man and a woman (Wakefield, …show more content…
Gay couples are unable to reproduce, and some of those opposed to gay marriage think that homosexual couples are unfit to raise children. Same sex marriage is also not supported by all religious documents; many religious texts see homosexuality as immoral and as an unnatural sin (Wakefield, 2012). Gay marriage is thought to be shameful by the Bible, but many liberal Rabbis believe that gay and lesbian people deserve respect and recognition because they were created in the image of God (“Gay Marriage Timeline”, 2014). Just as people see same sex marriage as unnatural, some see it as untraditional, too (Wakefield, 2012). Marriage, up until now, has always been one woman and one man; those who oppose gay marriage believe that this tradition should be

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