Freshman Seminars : A Better Education For The Students Essay

1855 Words Dec 5th, 2016 8 Pages
Colleges and universities are always striving to provide a better education for the students that attend there. However, to update and create new programs, money is often needed. Therefore, the number of students coming into the university can have an effect on the programs being established. Howard and Jones (2000) as well as Clark and Cundiff (2011), have found that retention is a big concern for facilities of higher education. Other studies have shown that nearly a third of students who start out at a college do not make it past their first year (Black, Terry, & Buhler, 2016; Clark & Cundiff, 2011). With the threat of lower retention rates, it is imperative that colleges and universities create programs that assist students and help them through their education as much as possible.
As a means to combat low retention rates, places of higher education have begun implementing freshman seminars. Freshman seminars are classes designed to aid in the retention of first year students (Howard & Jones, 2000). Lee College in Kentucky offered the earliest freshman seminar in 1882 (Black et al., 2016). Originally implemented as a way to connect students with faculty, colleges and universities have added on retention subjects as well. The University of South Carolina was the first to take the freshman seminar course and create a First Year Experience program around it, aiding students with the transition from high school to higher education (Black et al.,…

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