Summary: My Collegiate Learning Experience

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The purpose of this paper is to develop a sense of how college students across generations experience collegiate learning. To gain a better understanding, I interviewed a college student who is currently in their junior year working towards a bachelor’s of science degree in kinesiology. The student currently attends a large, research, land-grant institution that serves 48,000 students. Comparing my collegiate learning experience with the student, we focused on what learning means to us, how we characterizes our learning process in college, what three factors in college were most significant in influencing that learning, and how the collegiate environment supported or interfered with the learning experience.
As we evaluated our collegiate learning experience, there were similarities and differences as to what learning during college means to both of us. The student and I both experienced difficult transitions to college, which defined our student development and changed our learning styles. We explored holistic
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Group projects and ethnic studies required social constructivism because interactions and collaborative learning with a knowledge community assisted in forming new knowledge (“Learning Theories,” 2015). In a group project, learners develop teamwork skills and incorporate their individual learning to the group learning. Comparatively, although I see the merit of utilizing social constructivism for group work and to build knowledge as a collaborative process, the challenges of group projects, when grades are involved, is the amount of work that may not be equally contributed by each member. Therefore, social constructivism requires the assistance from an instructor who can mediate these issues and peer interactions (“Learning Theories,”

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