Free Is Never Free? Essay example

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Free is Never Free

Free is never free, especially in the case of college tuition. College costs can become expensive, so free college education can sound enticing, but it comes at a price. College education cannot be free because of the financial strain it places on supporting state budgets, and the removal of academic drive and appreciation from some students. Free college tuition can never really be free. As in all matters of life, someone has to pay. With college education, the cost of tuition and board will simply transfer to taxpayers and or the Federal Government from students. Katie Labosco reports from CNN Wire, “The feds would kick in 67% ($47 billion a year) and states would be on the hook for the rest ($23 billion a year)”. The transfer of costs can result in many problems for states, colleges, and students. If financial budgets are already strained in the area of education, states will not have adequate monetary support to allow colleges to provide students with the best education available. According to Andrew Kelly from The New York Times, “Barring a drastic improvement in efficiency, tuition-free colleges won’t have the resources to serve additional students without compromising the quality of their offerings”. When the time comes and there is not enough money for future students in state budgets, student access to a college education will become limited because there will not be enough money to share with all students ready to take advantage of “free”…

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