Free College Education Is Important For The Country 's Economic

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Higher Education is Important for the Country’s Economic
The notion of free college education has recently been highly publicized and spoken of from the perspective of funding, the cost and benefits, and its political implication. Free college education is a highly debated issue both financially and politically, but it is worth it because the benefits to the society as a whole will outweigh the benefits of the individual benefiting from free college education most because a well-educated population makes a strong economy and less social instability. Free college education is always met with a lot of resistance regarding the immediate cost forgetting the fact that we have to forgo the present in order to attain a better future for all in form of spill over or multiplier effect.
Per Snyder “July 14--Hillary Clinton 's call to provide free in-state tuition at public colleges to students from families who make less than $85,000 a year, and up to $125,000 a year in 2021, makes sense as a political gesture. The presumptive Democratic nominee needs to reach out to supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, her rival, who championed a similar plan. To fund the legislation by generating up to $300 billion a year, Sanders proposes instituting a 0.5% tax on trades of stocks and 0.1% tax on bonds and an even smaller fee on so-called derivatives, such as stock options and futures contracts”(Snyder).

I agree with Hillary Clinton on this free tuition at public colleges or four years…

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