Frederick Herzberg Theory Essay

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Herzberg’s Theory of Effective Management
Brittany Stewart
Herzing University
Dr. Gary J. Hanney Abstract
Client and employee satisfaction is important in the healthcare sector and motivating employees is an interesting topic that is often discussed in management. With the current situation in healthcare, employees want to feel appreciated and motivated to enhance work performance. Scientist Frederick Herzberg theory explains that work motivation includes things that stimulate employees to exceed basic performance expectations (McWay, 2014). This essay will discuss Herzberg’s two-Factor theory and if the theory is effective in supervising in leadership management. Supervising others is a continuous process of decision making, instructing
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(2010). Towards a two-factor theory of interpersonal trust: A focus on trust in leadership. International Journal of Commerce and Management, 20(3), 246-257. Doi: …show more content…
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