Framework of a Successful Team Essay

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Framework of a Successful Team
There are many criteria necessary in building an effective team. Specific steps can be executed for a productive team to emerge. We can examine the framework of a successful team to see how this can be achieved.
Critical Elements to Creating a Team
When establishing a team it is important to consider several attributes that help to facility a high performance team.
Effective Leadership - Every team needs a leader to drive the team to success. To be effective the leader must allow input from the team members. It is important to keep the individual input organized for everyone to keep the direction clear. An effective leader will need to make decisions and assign tasks to team members in line with
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As important as acquiring important communication it is also imperative that the team establish guidelines for the ways in which the team is to communicate.
Charter and Ground Rules – Teams work better when they are organized. Gadeken (2012) suggests that “the first tool of team organization is a charter” (p. 45). A charter is a document that establishes the team’s purpose, identifies the team members, lists individual tasks, spells out communication, and conflict resolution plans.
Skilled Team- Regardless of the experiences and backgrounds of team member, it is imperative that the team identify what each member’s skill set includes. Every team member brings at a minimum one strength that can benefit the team. It will be the leader’s role to help identify these strengths and use them to the advantage of the team’s success.
Establishing the “We” in Team
For a team to be successful, they must learn to work as one unit. Individuals within the group must adopt a new identity. They temporarily must release the identity of “I” and embrace the identity of “we.” One should not be misled into assuming that team membership alone constitutes a working team. For a group to function as a team, the definition of a group needs to be considered. As Kreitner and Kinicki (2004) state, “Although other definitions of

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