Essay on Formative Assessments And Summative Assessments

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Assessment is an important aspect of instruction and should be performed frequently. Not all children are the same, and we need to evaluate them in order to help them and teach them. The term of Assessment, different from the term of evaluation means to gather information. Formative assessments and summative assessments will create a documented history of a child’s performance. Assessing academic, physical, and social behaviors of each child will provide the teacher with knowledge regarding the child’s level of development and individual skill levels.
The specific information a teacher learns from assessments will be dependent on the methods used to compile the data. Pre and post testing of a student provides the teacher with benchmarks to gauge a child’s progress. Assessment tools of observation, journaling, anecdotal notes, event sampling, questioning, and checklists provide a more holistic picture of a student’s achievements. Research has shown that “when a teacher’s professional judgment regarding the quality of student work is based on knowledge arising from the conscientious development and application of consistent criteria for summative evaluation, the teacher’s judgments are likely to be more valid and reliable than the results of external tests” (Reeves, 2007, p.35). Assessments help teachers to evaluate children and give a fair judgment of their academic learning processes and its outcomes. Lesson objectives and standardized
Additionally, assessment of a…

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