Formative Assessment: Personal Development Plan with Regard to Study and Research Skills

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Every person has an inner need to education. Knowledge which we can gain, allows us to know ourselves. Most of us are asking : how to learn more effective ? It is obvious, there are many different ways to develop our study skills. One example is improve verbal communication – the way we act to other people, to illustrate : it tells a lot about us if we can remember names after first introduction. If we are able to do this, people perceive us like a fair conversationalists. Relationship between student and lecturer is also enormous value in understanding word of mouth. Another skill is academic writing. It is significant in a way, if we could leave on a paper exactly the same thing we insinuate in our brains. Our thoughts, opinions - to …show more content…
The second one can store larger quantities of information, sometimes a whole life span. Both are equally important for us. But let’s focus on long term memory because it will be the most needed in our education. I will enunciate a few different ways of memory improvement. First of all we should try to create a new routine in a daily life. For instance, activities which we usually do with right hand, try to do with left hand and visvasal. It will give us base to develop memory because it will actuate gray matter to more effectively actions. We can also use meditation. Experts believe that it can change brain structure and it could be true because the human brain is flexible by nature. Meditation can pacify thoughts and help us to pay attention on our tasks. Then we need to think about notes. It is really important to make your own notes. Everyone is different, so on a lecture You could hear something what Your friend does not. Those which remember better what they hear should focus on aloud repeating their lecture notes. Making a colourful notes includes pictures and drawings is recommended for visualizers but it can help everyone because of stimulation by colours we can remember something faster.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. (Albert Einstein)

Highly significant is ability to active listening. Trying to imagine what we hear thus we are able to remember it in the future. Another way to improve your memory is a

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