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Title defines report purpose and includes period covered in subtitle.


Report author includes name and title.

Prepared by Susan Litzinger Director of Ethics and Business Conduct

Report Distributed March 1, 20--

Includes name of company to which report is submitted. Title page is unnumbered.

Prepared for The Ethics and Business Conduct Committee CGF Aircraft Corporation

Source: The Technical Writer’s Companion (3rd edition) by Gerald J. Alred, Charles T. Brusaw, and Walter E. Oliu (Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2002)


Opening states report’s purpose.

Subheads signal shifts in topic.

This report examines the nature and disposition of the 3,458 ethics cases handled
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Of these cases, only 172, or 5 percent, involved reported concerns of a serious enough nature to be classified as major ethics cases (see Figure 1). Major ethics cases were defined as those situations potentially involving serious violations of company policy or illegal conduct.

Figures placed in centered boxes. Title within figure box is centered at top.
Major Minor Total

Reported Ethics Cases by Major/Minor Category 20-Number of Cases 172 3,286 3,458 5% Major Category

95% Minor Category

Each figure is identified with a title and number.

Source: CGF Office of Ethics and Business Conduct.

Figure 1. Major Ethics Cases

Reported ethics cases by major/minor category in 20--.

Detailed findings are presented.

Of the 172 major ethics cases reported during 20--, 57 percent, upon investigation, were found to involve unsubstantiated concerns. Incomplete information or misinformation most frequently was discovered to be the cause of the unfounded concerns of misconduct in 98 cases. Forty-four cases, or 26 percent of the total cases reported, involved incidents partly substantiated by ethics officers as serious misconduct; however, these cases were discovered to also involve inaccurate information or unfounded issues of misconduct.


Source: The Technical Writer’s Companion

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